It’s in the Blood

A life in the  Meat Industry

By David Barrah

Words from the Author

“Change is inevitable – or so they say. I’ve worked in the meat and food industry since 1960 and during my working life I’ve seen much change, as have most working people of my age. In some industries, such as electronics or medicine great progress has been made, unfortunately, for my industry I cannot say the same. I joined an industry that was in harmony with the needs of business, society and the environment, yes there were wobbles and incidents that needed addressing, but in general there was a balance. As time has marched on, I now see an industry that is completely out of balance and heading further in the wrong direction. We inflict pain and suffering on food animals, we have disease in our national herds and a population that is largely unaware of how their food is produced and the compromises that big business and successive governments have made to sustain an over expanding population.

Food is a vital resource. We cannot allow this disharmony to continue for the sake of ourselves and future generations. I recognise this and I hope that by the end of this book my readers will recognise it too and appreciate that urgent action is required to redress the balance. If we can restore food production and the way we work the land back to harmony it will be evident in the welfare of all.

This book is political but I want people to see past my own politics, that I can’t help but raise, and recognise that my main concerns are environmental sustainability, social justice and political accountability. “

Publication Date: May 2014

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320 pages including 32 colour illustrations

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