School Yearbooks

Whilst we may not realise it at the time, our school days are indeed the best days of our lives. To this end perhaps you could imagine a Year Book for your School. Such a publication could include team and class photographs, photographs of school trips and records of other notable events. All these events having been captured on camera could be turned into a book. A special feature of final year pupils could be made with individual photographs and a short biographical comment. Clearly, in the interest of completeness you and your staff would have to feature. The book should also include suitable narratives, such as the Headmaster’s foreword and the Head Pupil’s comment. The book would then form part of the school history and also provide pupils and staff with a treasured reminder of the year gone by and the friends they had.

TimeBox Press have the design and publishing skills to turn each of your school years into a case bound book of memories that can provide your pupils with a time-box of their school days. The publication will also serve to accurately reflect the atmosphere of your school, and can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Production and Project Management

Books can be produced at no cost to the School as copies of the book are sold directly to pupils and their parents. Furthermore, TimeBox Press can undertake all the necessary project management including photography, data collection, editing and graphic design to ensure that the production of the publication runs smoothly with little or no disturbance to your staff.

To discuss a yearbook project for your school contact TimeBox Press on 0775 2217847 or email: editor@timeboxpress.com.